In this practice we use several modalities all designed to be helpful to people in relationship to each other. We believe that it is in our relationships that we continue to grow and evolve into mature and healthy human beings. This requires consciousness, awareness, curiosity, and a willingness to change/grow. The following is a brief description of the main forms of therapeutic approach we employ:

Individual Psychotherapy: Individual adults experience one on one personal, compassionate, and guided interaction that leads to deeper self-awareness and skill in using relationships for personal growth.

Couples Therapy:  The ability to bridge differences with understanding, validation, and empathy is a major challenge in all intimate and committed relationships. This is the central focus of couples work in this practice.

Couples Group Therapy:

    This experience provides couples with the following:
  • -Education about all the newest and constantly evolving theories and understanding about what is going on in a relationship. Why do we choose the partner we choose? Why does what seems so wonderful in the beginning become so difficult and frustrating afterward? What has to change in order for these painful experiences to be resolved? What tools and relationship skills have been proven to help achieve the relationship dream?
  • -Support from other couples and the realization you're not alone.
  • -Opportunity to watch other couples do relationship exercises and witness what works and doesn't.
  • -The experience of honesty without shame.

Business Consultation:  The same kind of communication skill we offer to couples has been found very beneficial in resolving differences between partners in corporations and businesses.  It can be especially helpful in a family business.

Relationship Coaching for Women: Peggy is available to help women navigate the challenges of relationship; whether in a current or past primary relationship, or with siblings or children. For Peggy's second career go to:

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