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Group Experiences for Couples

While I was doing the Getting The Love You Want workshops for couples over the past twenty years, I was always impressed with the value couples gained from learning couples skills in a group setting. However, I consistently wished for more time to help couples practice and deepen their “heart sense” of being dialogical with each other. By the word “dialogical”, I am referring to the ability of partners to practice and be at ease with communication that honors individual differences while giving up the need to argue and fight about those differences. Instead partners in a dialogical relationship view their union as a medium for individual growth and mutual fulfillment through their differences. 

I have created a unique way for couples to practice and experience dialogue in small (five couples) groups.  The family-like bond, trust, and safety that occurs in these groups has consistently provided couples with a personalized awareness of how to stay connected while resolving differences and discords.

The experience of these groups is different from that which occurs in typical group psychotherapy. When a couple is “working” in the center of the group, the rest of the group will be "working" with them in an effort to deepen and understand and resolve the "issue" that the central couple is bringing in for group focus. I have devised a process that is based upon dialogical principles. It is through "working together" in this format that the group bonds and deepens its understanding of this "take-home" process of communication.